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Game Sound Studio

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*Holds official Wwise certification

                      *Crescent PV - Able Games 

2022-2024 Line Up

이미지 제공: Jaison Lin

Working as a local voice actor in Japan
From recruitment to recording
Have fun in Korea!

Japan XENOREX Partnership 




Fit your project
Concept planning and drafting,
selection sound third party 

Original Music Production

Create quality music for your project

Sound Design

Casual, racing, FPS, RPG...It provides sound effects for all genres and concepts.

Voice Over

Casting, direction, recording, editing,
A service that allows customers to participate in real-time recording via chat from afar


We work together on game engines (Unreal, Unity) and sound middlewares (FMOD, Wwise)

VR Sound Solution

It provides realistic sound of VR contents.


Cabal M - Est Soft, Mobile
Buried Stars - LineGames, PS4/ Nintendo
Crazy World VR - SK, Nexon, Pixelity Games/ Oculus

Crime Scene VR -VRillAR, Oculus
InterPlanet – ThumbAge/433, Mobile

King’s Raid – Vespa, Mobile

Pump it Up – Andamiro, Arcade

Giantica – DubakiSoft/SlowPuppy, Mobile

Cabal Online – Est Soft, PC Online

POKO Webtoon – Treenod, Web

Buried a Live – Next Floor, Mobile

Batar – DasAge, Mobile

POKO RPG – Treenod, Mobile

Ghost Party – Andamiro, Arcade

League of Masters – AppCross, Mobile

SpongeBob – Andamiro, Arcade

Quize King 2015 – BlueWind, Mobile

Gold Rush - Komuse, Arcade

OK Pucca – TaegaSoft, Mobile

Bugmon Defence – Valcon, Mobile

Fantasy Beat – I&C Soft, Mobile

Wild Frontier Zero – DevIland/KTH, Mobil

The Gray City – 433, Mobile

Stylish Sprint – PlayUs/PictoSoft, Mobile

Pump it Up prime – Andamiro, Arcade

Fantasy Maker – MoriSoft, Mobile

Pitch Up – PitchStudio, Mobile

R2BEAT - Seed9, PC


CROWZ - RoyalCrow. PC
Fate of the Empress - Wish Interactive, Mobile

Monster Soccer – Pawn, Mobile

Word Space - BlueWind, Mobile

Rise of Queendom – Friends Times, Mobile

Unknown Code – SunCat, Mobile

Baseball Pro – Andamiro, Arcade

Maze Runner – Komuse, Arcade

Line Stage – Line/NHN, Mobile

The Gray City2 – 433, Mobile

Monster Shot – 433, Mobile

Monster Doors – DubakiSoft, Mobile

Judgement Day – WingsStudio/433, Mobile

Thief Lupin2 - BlueWind, Mobile

Beat Monster – Vespa, Mobile

The Legendary Troops – Squall/NHN, Mobile

CoreMasters Cinematic Movie – SoftBigbang/ Commercial 

Thief Lupin - BlueWind, Mobile

Word Puzzle – BlueWind, Mobile

Puzzle Village – BlueWind, Mobile

Stylish Sprint – Play Us/PictoSoft, Mobile

Panic Room4 – Electronic Arts, Mobile

Hero’s Story 5 – Electronic Arts, Mobile

EA BaseBall 2012 - Electronic Arts, Mobile

Defence Heroes – Paladin, Mobile

Red Stone - L&K Logic Korea, PC Online




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FunnyBugs Entertainment

4, Seolleung-ro 82-gil, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, Republic of Korea


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